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Voluntourism        SEVA in INDIA Tour Nov 2023          Learn More Details          Itinerary       Register Here


Visit and Serve
in Rishikesh, India!
November 2nd - 18th, 2023

Sponsored by Jamie’s Joy Memorial Fund,

This tour offers Seva. Seva means Selfless Service.
This tour will focus on serving, having fun, & exploring the beauty of India.
We will be spending time in sacred service with the students and staff at

Ramana’s Garden, a Children’s Home on the banks of the Holy Ganges river. 

  • Service may include helping with homework, teaching, reading, taking walks, helping in the kitchen (they have a fabulous organic, vegan restaurant on the premises), gardening, handiwork

  • If you have a special skill, e.g., building/repairs, nursing, computers, we will try to utilize your expertise.

For more information about this amazing organization and

the tremendous work they accomplish, go to

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